You’re Getting Warmer Further info

Pebble Gorge and the Creative Team

Pebble Gorge is led by independent producers Emily Coleman (Hijack Children’s Festival, Bootworks, The oh f–k moment) and Jane McGibbon (Ballyhoo, Farnham Maltings TYP, ) who share a passion for finding innovative ways to make exciting and meaningful theatre experiences for new audiences, particularly children and families.

For You’re Getting Warmer, Pebble Gorge has collaborated with the following people:

Artists John Hunter and Cat Harrison (non zero one)
Science communicator Asher Minns from the Tyndal Centre for Climate Change Research
Illustrator George Judd
Software developers Surface Impression
Geno-bank by Richard Nutbourne Scenic Studio

Together they gained a better understanding of the effects of climate change on our weather and wildlife and combined them with a knowledge of theatre and digital technology, to create this interactive adventure.

Who’s YGW For?

YGW has been written for 7-11 year olds, although younger children will enjoy it with some guidance from their accompanying adults. There are plenty of tasks to complete and things on the app to watch and listen to.

YGW can also be enjoyed by playful young people and adults too! We’ve had groups of adults enjoy the adventure just as much as the children and are happy to accommodate this on tour as well.

Although the subject matter is serious, the experience is fun, interactive and playful.  We’ve worked hard to ensure that it’s not worthy or guilt inducing and hopefully people will go away having spent a really fun hour on a treasure hunt, and maybe they’ll learn something too!

If you’re a promoter looking to book You’re Getting Warmer, please head over here.