MAP seeks mini astronauts!

Have you ever dreamed of being trained as an astronaut, taking a trip in a rocket to the international space station, and seeing for yourself the wonder of space?

Starlight is an immersive adventure into space for children aged 4+ and their families.  Using projection and sound to lead the audience on a journey into space, they discover for themselves its enormity and beauty.  Guided by astronaut Helen they explore the ISS and learn what life is like for astronauts. When ambitious astronaut Yuri is not quite what he seems, can they fix communications in time to warn him of the dangers of wandering into the darkness alone.

Starlight is our new project developed in Spring 2016 with the support of artsdepot and The Almeida.

During a residency at artsDepot we began to make a new studio show for children aged 4+ that will take them on an interactive journey through a narrative that explores space. We will create a piece that casts the audience as astronauts and allows them to explore for themselves the galaxy and stars.

We will use sound and headphones to immerse the audience in an imagined world where they are encouraged to make a playful physical response to a story, using projection and an immersive space.

Creative Team 
Original concept and produced by Emily Coleman and Jane McGibbon
Directed by Dani Parr
Set Design by Richard Nutbourne
AV Consultant Joe Dunkley
Sound Design by Lewis Gibson
Performed by Tamsin Fessey and Leigh Kelley
Stage Manager Beatrice Galloway